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Kanbi Group - Expansion into Sub-Saharan Africa





Trade between South Africa and the United Kingdom has been growing steadily over the past century and the UK has reaped many benefits from the expertise that has been developed in South Africa over the years, through hard work and dedication by its citizens, South Africa has grown into a leader in many sectors of the world wide economy.

We must never forget that this country was the first in performing “heart transplants” successfully, also has some

of the deepest gold mines in the world and there is a wealth of technological expertise in many other fields of this young and growing country.


Therefore we have decided that we would like to be part of this very diverse and successful economy, by offering some of our expertise, especially in the Project sectors, which is so vast, that there is an enormous shortage of well disciplined project skills. Apart from assisting this booming market, we are also determined to enticing back, to this beautiful country, the skilled people that once enjoyed the benefits offered.


In achieving our goals, we recognise that the smaller participants in this vast industrial market have become somewhat disheartened by the lack of skills available to execute projects successfully.

I have, with the approval of my board of directors in the UK been tasked to establish a world class South
African company, constituted mainly of local skills; to assist companies with much needed expertise in

executing successful projects.


Success to us is not the gain that we will share in, but also to establish long lasting relationships with clients who have shared the benefit of our totally “open book” approach to projects.

We can only believe that with our approach of, “all parties must share in the benefits and all situations
must result in a win, wins situation,” must be like a breath of fresh air to an over exerted market, where companies are capitalising on a well exhausted industry, where excessively high pricing is causing spiralling inflation.


With this in mind we aim to play a role in assisting companies in executing projects, to the highest possible standards, within reasonable time frames and certainly at a fair and equitable price. Our objective is not to exploit, but expand the vision of companies that are willing to strive for perfection.


The Kanbi Group of Companies is
based in the United Kingdom. As a senior director of the group I have been tasked to establish a company in South Africa to cater especially for the South African market. Kanbi Group will be autonomous in our day to day operations, but with the advantage of valued technical input as and when required. 


Our team, made up of mainly South Africans, has more than a hundred years of experience in various disciplines of Project Management. This experience covers a broad range of project sectors which mainly include the following:

                                •     Airports
                                •     Road and Rail
                                •     Public Sector works (Schools and Hospitals)
                                •     Commercial and Private Residential
                                •     Oil, Gas and Chemicals
                                •     Mining
                                •     General Building, Maintenance and Facilities Management
                                •     Stainless and Carbon Steel Process Plants
                                •     Process Plants
                                •     Water Management Projects 


Kanbi Group’s short term vision is to assist companies in the execution and conclusion of new and existing contracts. This will be especially beneficial to entities where skills are lacking, to either execute a project or to finalise a contract in the most expedient way. At the same time this will establish Kanbi Group in the South African market. A company that is both reliable and capable of delivering value assets for clients.


Kanbi Group’s long term goal is to be one of the top, fi rst class international companies in the South African Market, to promote and execute multi discipline projects to world class standards. Through applying sound business principals we strive to be partners and not merely consultants.

Kanbi Group’s motto:

"Integrity before Gain, where Ethics will be unquestionable, through our open book policy"



Based on sound business principles, professional excellence, ethics and integrity, Kanbi Group aims to:

•     Provide quality project execution services with a dedicated team of professionals

•     Provide the best project execution solution to suit each individual client’s needs.

•     To ensure that projects we are involved in, are delivered on time, within budget and to the

       highest quality

Kanbi Group will perform work in an ethical manner, using sound business practices taking into consideration safety, quality, time, cost and reliability.

We believe in working as a team, sharing knowledge, leveraging experience,
being open to mutual respect and exploring new ideas, these values will provide us with the leading edge in the market.

·         Proactivity and promptness - in our interaction with all business partners

·         Responsibility - in our approach

·         Integrity - in our conduct of all businesses

·         Quality - yearning for excellence

·         Accountability - for all our actions


Core Values


Kanbi Group prides itself by offering a
complete package of all facets of project management. Our long term strategy is to:


• Become the number one Project Management company and or services provider of choice with high standards of delivery.


• Retain clients, through honesty and integrity beyond question.


• Develop and maintain long term relationships with clients as well as gaining new clients by means of referral.


• Obtain a Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment rating and thus adding to the benefit of not only our clients, but also to the country.


• Being cost effective and competitive in the market by means of good

corporate governance




• Clients & Consultants

Retain & broaden a good Client & Consultant base.

Provide a quality service with honesty & integrity.

Earn Clients & Consultants trust & respect


• Ourselves

Primarily BBE Employment, train, promote loyal & good people.

Develop effective teamwork.

Project a positive, professional, caring & friendly image


• Health & Safety

Ensure all our operations reduce the effect on the environment to a minimum, with reduction in waste, fuel usage & pollution and ensuring the highest safety standard possible (life is precious)

• Performance

Be committed to produce on time, on budget & to quality. Achieve excellent performance, commit to excellence


• Profit

Be profit/cost conscious & provide a fair return for shareholders. Avoid mistakes & loss making situations


• Supply Chain

Continue to broaden & build good relationships with professional & quality consultants, Subcontractors & suppliers. Be fair in our treatment & consider all parties involved as part of the team.
















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