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UK Operations





British Airports Authority


Group Supply Chain Building Fabric and Minor Maintenance Contracts
<£250k for all South East Airports




Network Rail (WCRM)


Management and Client Representation of Route Modernisation CAPEX Projects






Bechtel Tube Lines Projects


Management of BAA Terminal 5 Piccadilly Line Extension and  Wembley Park
Underground Station Upgrade






Transport for London


Docklands Light Railway Major Projects










General Building Construction – Design and Build, Facilities Management





South African Operations





Arup SA Pty Ltd



Commercial and Project Controls Management Major Infrastructure Projects






Transnet Capital Projects


Contracted to provide full Project Controls Management of New Multi Product
Pipeline Construction including Pump Stations and Terminals






Eskom c/o Arup Panel B


Contracted to provide Management Services






Government Public Sector


New Build and renovation works for Public Sector Infrastructure works


Insurance Works










Kanbi Group Investments



Charity sponsorship of Schools for the under privileged





Web Hosting Companies